• Revitalize Your Resume & Prepare to Compete. Published in March, 2011.

  • Competency Based Pay - A Modular, Flexible & Scalable Business Solution.  Published in the WorldatWork Q3 Journal, August, 2011.

  • Insightful Ways to Help Executive Management Confront/Deal with Conflict within the Executive Management Team. Published in Human Resource Professional, March 1998.

  • Team Based Pay. Published in Human Resource Professionals, April 1996

  • Performance Assessment - A Key to Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. Published in Human Resource Professionals, Jan. 1996.

  • Total Reward Strategy:  A Prescription for Organizational Survival. Published in Compensation & Benefits Review, Jan 1994.

  • Are Your Human Resources Ready for the Quality Movement? Compensation Solutions, March 1994.

  • Tips for Creating Reward Programs. Published in Potentials in Marketing, May, 1994.

  • Thank - you’s for a Job Well Done. Published by Minnesota Ventures, Jan. 1994.

  • Measuring Your System against the Best.  Published in the Review, August/September 1993 (Ms. Fuehrer contributed to the article; article written by Mari Fellrath).

  • Managing the Workforce: Follow These Eight Steps to Provide Constructive Feedback. Published in Minnesota Ventures, Nov/Dec. 1993.

  • What the Experts Say - Satisfied Customers, A Flexible Workforce (Ms. Fuehrer quoted) Published in City Business, August 1993.

  • The Right Talent at the Right Time (publication unknown).

  • Organizational Assessment - A Key to Transforming Your Organization.  Published in Human Resources Professionals, April 1993.

  • Job Titles - What are They Costing You? Published in Human Resources, Winter 1988.

  • America’s Job Evaluation Systems - A Blue Print for Change. Published in Human Resources in April, 1987.

  • Those Incredible, Invaluable S - K - As - A Critical Element in the Human Resource System. Published by Prentice Hall Information Services in June, 15, 1987.

Training, Seminars and Conference Resources

Published Articles

  • Emerging Leader Seminar Series using the StrengthsFinder and a proprietary Leadership Model.

  • Workshops on:

    • Job pricing

    • Job descriptions

    • Performance management

    • Using the balanced scorecard for compensation

    • ​Team building

  • Employee handbook templates

  • Consultation, tools and templates to develop Strategic HR Business Partnerships with leaders in your organization to drive employee performance through feedback, coaching and strengths assessment.

  • We can provide research on HR best practices

  • Research on employment laws across states.

  • Research on various compensation and benefit topics.

  • Price jobs:  one job or 1000 jobs. ​

Tools, Templates & Resources

PORTICO’s Tools & Templates

PORTICO has been in business for over 20 years; we have many tools and templates that help support our Clients.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Menus of KSAs and behavioral competencies.

  • Job analysis and job description templates.

  • Job analysis templates for classifying jobs as exempt/non-exempt.

  • Costing templates:

    - Job pricing templates
    - Pay level analysis Excel 
    - Base pay costing 
    - Overtime costing
    - Premium pay costing
    - Turnover costing
    - Other

Research & Job Pricing Capabilities and Costing

Total Rewards, Compensation & Human Resource Solutions

Strategic Perspective - Practical Solutions - Stellar Service​

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