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Total Rewards, Compensation & Human Resource Solutions

Strategic Perspective - Practical Solutions - Stellar Service​

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PORTICO Partners with You to Provide Results that Hit Your Bottom-Line.  Some Examples of PORTICO’s Results:

  • Guided a strategic planning process with paper company resulting in $13M cost savings.

  • Investigated and resolved a sexual harassment case saving $100,000+ in attorney fees and mitigated $1,000,000+ in charges.

  • Audited exempt/nonexempt status of jobs resulting in the reclassification of 100+ positions across multiple employers.

  • Evaluated multiple sales compensation plans resulting in the addition of new performance metrics, modification of threshold and target metric levels, marketable incentive opportunities, sharpened payout lines and clarification of funding measures.

  • Designed base compensation plans that identified employees who are under paid and over paid and surfaced pay discrimination issues.

  • Guided employers in delicate and necessary terminations saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential wrongful termination suits.

  • Micro-costed turnover (down-to-the-dime) for a large non-profit organization identifying $200,000 in annual reoccurring turnover costs that were later, re-channeled into a job progression/compensation program that significantly reduced turnover.

  • Analyzed and compared Total Rewards programming components to market; identified gaps, non-competitive compensation and benefit elements and extreme medical costs.  Recommended modifications in TR programming including a blue print for change. 

  • Designed and costed multiple premium pay components including second and third shift, week-end and holiday pay, and split-shift, back-to-back shift and on-call premium pay programs.

Success Stories