• Establish base pay strategy.

  • Develop competitive pay structures.

  • Perform pay level analyses.

Performance Management

  • Analyze & assess composition and value of current total rewards programming.

  • Establish a total reward strategy.

  • Translate total reward strategy into creative and cost effective components that deliver competitive advantage.

PORTICO’s most important assets are our integrity, nimbleness, team work, awareness and our ability to offer innovative and cost effective solutions to our clients.  We continually strive to demonstrate these attributes to our Clients and have positively impact your capability to attract, retain and engage high performers that will differentiate your business in the market. 

Consulting Capabilities 

  • Establish variable pay strategy:  Composition, design & value.

  • Analyze and interpret market data.

  • Create and Calibrate variable pay metrics.

  • Development plan documents and employee communications.

  • Facilitate strategy a round performance management.

  • Select and develop criteria for measuring performance that support mission, values and culture and is legally compliant.

  • Translate Lean initiatives into meaningful metrics.

  • Audit performance management tools and practices for legal compliance. 

Employee Engagement

  • Customize employee engagement strategy.

  • Design and conduct employee engagement surveys.

  • Analyze and interpret engagement survey results.

  • Translate employee engagement strategy into key HR metrics.

  • Design and conduct focus groups, and interpret results into themes and action that supports business strategy.

  • Build strategies and tactics to increase employee commitment and contribution through recognition and engagement.

  • Facilitate team building activities.​

  • Develop unique work & reward solutions such as Competency or Skill-Based Pay approaches.

  • Interpret HR audit results into top priorities and action plans.

  • Cost turnover; translate and transfer cost savings into improving talent acquisition, retention and engagement initiatives.

  • Audit and classify jobs as exempt or non-exempt to mitigate risk.​

Variable Compensation

Total Rewards, Compensation & Human Resource Solutions

Strategic Perspective - Practical Solutions - Stellar Service​

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Business Strategy

Alternative Reward Solutions

HR Audits & Employment-Related Risk

Total Reward Strategy

  • Develop talent acquisition and selection strategies to find the right talent at the right time.

  • Build Talent Branding strategies.

  • Develop legally compliant selection tools such as employment applications, reference checking tools and interview criteria.

  • Conduct job analysis & develop legally compliant job descriptions.

  • Design & calibrate hiring criteria such as duties, KSAs, and competencies.

  • Design career progression systems.

Talent Management Strategy & Tools

Base Compensation

  • Perform SWOT analysis.

  • Formulate and facilitate business strategy

  • Develop business plans with line-of-sight capabilities.

  • Facilitate quarterly and annual strategic planning.

  • Create balanced scorecard systems that cascade to SBUs, divisions, departments and work units to create Line of Sight. 
  • Design & cost:

       • Premium pay (E.g. Shift, Weekend, Holiday, On-Call)

       • Paid time off plans
       • Educational rewards
       • Housing stipends
       • Interim assignment incentives
       • Hiring bonuses

  • Develop Team/small group incentives.

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